Research Reflections 4

The two main sources I am using are an article I found on a GALE database and a journal post I found from the sites Ms. Hamilton listed as helpful sources. The article is called Veterans Meet for Group Therapy. It is about a veterans’ affairs hospital in Miami, Florida and how the staff there has set up therapy groups for veterans with mental illnesses (such as PTSD, depression, and/or anxiety) that put them at risk for suicide. The article explains how the hospital treats all ages of veterans from World War II to today’s War in the Middle East. This article has been extremely helpful to me because it answered almost all of my research questions. Through this article, I found out what can be done to treat veterans who have suicidal tendencies, some of the statistics of veterans’ suicide, and what is being done to diminish this issue as much as possible. I even found the name of my expert I am interviewing through this article. The journal is about a CBS News team who wanted to know the statistics of veterans’ suicide, but ended up discovering so much more. Through their investigation, they found that the government had been covering up the actual number of veterans who had committed suicide and were not keeping accurate records of the issue. This source has helped me because it gave me some statistics while at the same time letting me know that the statistics I will find for this project will not be completely accurate. It also had some personal stories of soldiers who had committed suicide and why they did so.

One new research skill I have learned over the past couple months is using different types of sources. In our fall project, I only used articles I found through GALE databases, but in this project, I have used articles not found through GALE, journals, and a video. I think I can do more to refine this skill by using even more types of sources like books and podcasts. This research skill is helpful to me because I am not limiting my information sources. I can get a lot more information through other types of sources that I never thought would be helpful before now.


~ by kristinsundvall on April 23, 2010.

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