Research Reflections 3

Through a GALE database, I found an article about a veteran’s therapy group in Florida. In the article were the names of two psychologists-Dr. Maria Llorente and Dr. Daniella David. Both psychologists are therapists who specialize in working with veterans who have mental illnesses or are at risk for suicide. Dr. David is actually a veteran of the Israeli army, so I think she would know a lot from experience about the effects of war on soldiers and what makes soldiers want to commit suicide. Both doctors know a lot of the statistics of veterans’ suicides, which is one of my research questions. In the article, Dr. Llorente was talking about the number of veterans that committed suicide in different global conflicts like World War II and the Persian Gulf War. Llorente was also commenting on the age groups that are at a greater risk for suicide, which is part of my statistics question. Both of these people are MDs who work for the Miami Veterans’ Affairs Health Services System. I am interested in interviewing one of them because they are experts in what they do and they actually work first hand with veterans who are at risk for suicide. I am very interested in interviewing Dr. Daniella David because she is a veteran herself and would know more about suicide risk from personal experience. As for my interview questions, I have thought about asking about why they think veterans commit suicide, what is being done about it, and more about the statistics of veterans’ suicide.

~ by kristinsundvall on April 16, 2010.

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