Research Reflections 2

A personal victory for me was narrowing down my topic and choosing one specific subject to research. I had many choices and I considered brain injuries, sexual harassment toward women in the Navy, and veterans’ suicides. I chose veterans’ suicides. I did so because my life has personally been touched by suicide. It is interesting to me knowing that so many veterans’ commit suicide and not much is being done about it. What I want to know is why veterans choose suicide. I have always assumed that it was just the stress of being in war or the guilt of having to kill other human beings. However, now that I have read a few articles, I realize that stress and/or guilt is not always the case. I also want to know what can be done to help veterans who are contemplating suicide. Surely there has to be a special type of therapy that can prevent veterans from committing suicide for whatever reason. Lastly, I want to know what is being done about this issue right now. I want to know if soldiers are warned about the possibility of having suicidal thoughts and whether or not there is specific training they go through to prevent this kind of behavior. So far, I have bookmarked about 10 different articles from various databases and also from the suggested sites Ms. Hamilton put on the pathfinder. I have learned a lot through these articles and I think I am going to be very successful with this research paper.

~ by kristinsundvall on April 2, 2010.

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