I Am A Soldier, Too Chapters 9-14 Response

I find what Jessi’s Iraqi captors did to her sickening. Her entire body was mutilated-almost to the point of her being dead. She had nerve damage, several broken and shattered bones, and was slipping in and out of consciousness at the hospital. She was so scared because of her wounds that she did not want the doctors to reset one of her legs. She was afraid of what they might have done and distrusted them strongly. One passage that shows how badly her body was distorted is, “Her right arm was shattered between her shoulder and her elbow, and the compound fracture shoved slivers of bone through muscles, nerves, and skin, leaving her right hand all but useless. Her spine was fractured in two places, causing nerve damage that left her unable to control her kidneys and bowels. Her right foot was crushed. Her left leg had been into pieces above and below the knee, also a compound fracture, and splintered bone had made a mess of the nerves and left her without feeling in that limb. The flesh along the hairline of her forehead was torn in a ragged, four-inch line…she was a victim of anal sexual assault..” (Bragg 95-96). This passage is extremely disturbing and I hate that this happens. However, there is one thing that I do not understand. Jessi was treated by Iraqi doctors and nurses. Why did those medical personnel want to treat her when other Iraqis wanted to torture and kill her? I can’t imagine Saddam being pleased to hear that an American soldier was treated by Iraqi doctors.

~ by kristinsundvall on April 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “I Am A Soldier, Too Chapters 9-14 Response”

  1. I do agree that everything they did to Jessi is horrible. Also, I do not understand why the Iraqi doctors would take care of an American soldier.

  2. I agree completely with what Kristin is saying about Jessi. I agree with the fact that what the Iraqis did to Jessi was horiffic. I was completely disguisted with what the medical records said that the Iraqis did to her.

  3. Did they find out all of this just from the medial records or did Jessi remember some of it, too? I mean, I remember reading that initially, all they knew about what happened to her came from medical reports, but I don’t remember Jessi actually saying what happened. All I remember her saying is that she wanted to get out of there and that she knew the day was coming when she would die.

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