What I Knew About My Topic-Veterans’ Suicides

    I am choosing to do my research paper on veterans’ suicides. I am interested in this topic because I want to be a soldier in the Army or an airman in the Air Force when I graduate college and I would like to know more about the effects of war on people in the military and how to prevent depression from developing as a result. I am also interested in psychology and would like to figure out what about war makes these soldiers go over the edge. I think it is important to learn more about because these are the men and women who fight in our defense and everything possible should be done to keep them safe just as they keep us safe.
    I already know that many soldiers commit suicide as a result of fighting in wars. I also know that many other soldiers who do not commit suicide still have severe depression. I always assumed that it was the stress and guilt of having to kill people to protect the country that made soldiers slip into depression. However, now I want to know more. I do not know the statistics of veterans’ suicides or during which wars suicides have been most common. I would also like to know what is being done about this issue and if there is any future hope to reduce the number of veterans who commit suicide or develop depression. One last thing I would like to know is how to prevent it from happening. I think if there is any way to prevent suicide in people from the military, the news should be spread and put to good use.


~ by kristinsundvall on March 26, 2010.

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