Research Reflections 5

    As far as the multigenre artifacts go, I think I am doing very well. I already have two out of five done and I have started on my third. I should not have any problem getting them all turned in on time. So far, I have done a map of Sierra Leone showing Ishmael’s journey through the country and a found poem with quotes from the book and my research. The map was easy to create because all I did was trace a printout of Sierra Leone and draw arrows showing where Ishmael had been. The found poem took more creativity, but it was also easy because I just had to find meaningful quotes from my project. I am currently brainstorming different lists I could compose. I have thought about “10 Things Boy Soldiers Have To Do” and “10 Ways To Get a Child to Join the Military”. I want to do a video with my literature circle and either a collage or a magazine article to finish the multigenre artifacts.
    I think the multigenre artifacts are easy, but they make the project fun. They take creativity and some thoughtfulness to create, but the multigenre artifacts are a great way to express what I have learned from this project. They are also just a fun way to pass time and I wouldn’t mind having to do more of them for another project in any class.

~ by kristinsundvall on November 17, 2009.

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