Research Reflections 4

    I think this project has been a real eye-opener, not only for myself, but for my classmates. None of us ever even thought much of Africa before now. Most of us thought is was just a disease-ridden place with witch doctors and tribal people. I (and most of my classmates) now understand that Africa is an important place with real people and cities and major issues. Personally, through this project, I have learned that there are children out there who have harder lives than I ever could imagine. I used to think of a person with a hard life as an orphan whose foster parents abuse him and who needs help in school, but has no friends to help him. Now I look deeper into the lives of others. First of all, I learned that there are kids who have to kill and torture on a daily basis. There are children in Africa who don’t have the privilege of going to school and who don’t even have foster parents if their real parents are not “in the picture”. There are even kids who have to fight for a meal or even their lives every day. It is important that we as students know what is going on outside our own country. We can’t just focus on our own problems. We should take the time to expand our knowledge beyond that of our communities. Other countries are important to us and we should take the time to acknowledge and maybe even try to do something about the issues that plague them.

~ by kristinsundvall on November 14, 2009.

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