A Long Way Gone Chapters 18-19 Response

It is exciting when Ishmael’s uncle is found. Ishmael now has a place to live and a family to love when he is finished at Benin Home. Ishmael’s uncle shows how sympathetic he is by agreeing to take Ishmael into his home before meeting him. I think that being taken in by his uncle is very fortunate for Ishmael because he would otherwise have to live with a foster family. I hope Ishmael’s uncle will let Ishmael stay with him for as long as he needs.

I don’t understand why Ishmael only visits Esther once after leaving Benin Home. She and Ishmael had become so close. She is the one who had taught Ishmael to forgive himself. Ishmael even mentions that he loved Esther, but he never tells her. I don’t know why anybody would want to discontinue that kind of a relationship.

A passage that stands out to me is “‘Okay, you can be my sister…”‘ (Beah 167). When Ishmael says this to Esther, it shows how much he misses having a real family. Even though Esther is not his sister, he wants her to be. This passage also shows how close Ishmael has gotten to Esther. He loves her, and whether he loves her as a mother, a sister, a mentor, or whatever, his love for her is deep and strong. It seems as though it will never fade.


~ by kristinsundvall on November 3, 2009.

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