A Long Way Gone Chapters 12-13 Response

    At this point, I think the story is getting more exciting. There is a lot more action since Ishmael and his companions are now in the army against the rebels. When they are in the field shooting rebel gunmen, it is very heart-pounding because that type of action had not yet happened in the story before these two chapters. If I wanted to get someone hooked on this book, I would definitely make him/her read these two chapters.
    The training that the boys go through is something I can relate a little bit from being in ROTC. I even recognized most of the commands that the Sergeant gives the soldiers from ROTC. The only major difference is that I don’t shoot a gun. I definitely have respect for these boys who go through it at the young age of ten because even though ROTC training is not as rough, it’s a challenge at sixteen.
    One passage that stood out to me was “‘It’s better to carry more ammunition that food and water. Because with more ammo, we will be able to find water and food, but with more water and food, we will not make it to the end of the day’…” (Beah 116). This quote came from the corporal and it makes a lot of sense to me. If the soldiers will be back at the village by nightfall, they do not need to bring food. If they don’t bring food, they have room for more ammunition. However, if the bring food and water, they cannot pack as much ammunition and they might run out and be killed before the day ends. I think this is a good strategy.

~ by kristinsundvall on October 28, 2009.

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