A Long Way Gone Chapters 10-11 Response

    I was not surprised when Saidu died. I was expecting more of Ishmael’s traveling companions to die sooner or later. When Saidu faints after seeing the other three travelers, I thought he was dead. Instead, he is just sick. However, when he dies at the next village, although it was sad, it was expected. Now I wonder who will die next.
    I was very hopeful that Ishmael would get to see his family again. However, the author mentions a few chapters ago that he would never see his family again, so I knew he wouldn’t get to. Although I knew Ishmael wouldn’t see his family again, I did not expect that it would be because the rebels attack the village in which they are staying. It is very sad that the village is attacked only moments after Ishmael and his friends arrive. If they were there only a few minutes earlier, Ishmael and his friends would have seen their families.
    A quote that stood out to me was “Saidu had become our family, but the man wanted a real family member who could authorize his burial”. This passage made me better understand the customs in Sierra Leone. I have never heard of any time when it was necessary for a family member to “authorize” a funeral. I don’t know if they do that here in the United States, but now I know that it is custom in Sierra Leone.

~ by kristinsundvall on October 22, 2009.

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