Research Reflections 1

I think I am doing well with NoodleTools. Even though the only thing I have done on NoodleTools is the citations, I am very happy that I understand how to do it. At first, I was confused about what information belonged to what box, but after Mrs. Lester showed me how to organize it, it became easy for me. Using NoodleTools has also taught me that the URLs for databases change, so I can’t simply copy and paste what I see in the address bar. Before, I had no idea that I needed to click the “bookmark” button to get a URL that would work all the time.

    I think using NoodleTools for my citations will help me stay organized through this project. It is a lot better than writing it down on paper because it saves a lot of time and there is no way for me to lose it. Also, it is easier to make mistakes on paper. Since NoodleTools generates the citation for me, it not only keeps me organized, but I don’t have to worry about writing the citations the correct way. 

~ by kristinsundvall on October 20, 2009.

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